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A Facebook Relationship That Ended With Murder

A tragic incident happened in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, where a man shot dead a woman, whom he met on Facebook and fell in love thereafter.

The online relationship lasted for three years after which such an incident took shape. The guy was Vineet Singh, 22 who fell in love with Jyoti Kori, 45, mother of three.

Singh was outrageous after realising that she lied to him on Facebook. The first meeting became tragic when he discovered that none of the details about her had a tinge of truthfulness in them. Kori had claimed she was 21 and was unmarried.

Singh shot Kori in Marble Rocks Waterfall in Jabalpur and then shot himself too. The wronged boy eventually breathed his last at a local hospital then.

Singh hails from Muzaffarnagar in UP and was jobless while the counterpart lady was a bored housewife but a Facebook buff. According to the police, the boy was gasping for breath and was soaked in his own blood. He was trying emphatically to get help from the horrified people nearby.

Kori’s husband and her three children, including the eldest of 21 years had no idea about the lady going weird in such a way.

The boy kept on saying that a married woman had cheated him, when he was taken to the hospital.


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