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How South Sudan Independence Will Affect Other African Nations?

It is now only a matter of time that South Sudan is going to be independent tomorrow, i.e. on 9th of July. Though there is boundless moments of joy in this nation, but the question is what will be its effect on the sub Sahara African countries.

First of all, it may start a round of discussions about the irrational colonial borders in Africa and their opposition to the territorial secession. With passage of time, independence of South Sudan may spearhead those movements, but those dangers may not be knocking on the door very soon.

The basic governing principle in the African countries is that the boundaries inherited from the colonial administration shall never be changed. African elites were preferring de-colonization based on self determination of the local people. But those opinions remain restricted due to the fact that it may delay in getting independence. As a result, there have been disputes on boundary and adjustments, but it has been seen that no other African state has declared war against each other. African elites are more concerned of a greater sense of common African identity and unity. Hence independence of South Sudan is not going to spark off any movement in the future.

After years of civil war and struggle, South Sudan has been finally able to gain independence from Sudan and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between Khartoum and Juba was supervised or say, god-mothered by none but USA, Britain, Kenya and Norway.

But the independence of South Sudan many see many problems still remaining unresolved between the two countries.

Some of these include chalking out their boundary, nationality of the citizens who were born in one half of the country, but now living in another and how they are going to divide their petroleum revenues. These domestic issues are now going to be international.




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