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Check Whether You Live In One Of The Most Dangerous Cities Of America

While staying in a beautiful American city, if you feel that you are absolutely safe, you may be wrong. A list of most dangerous cities of America has been released and you will be astonished to find the names of some of the most sought after cities of the nation.

St. Louis has been named as the most dangerous city of America and it has overtaken Camden, which won the first place in the year 2008. The city of St Louis had a record of 2070 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in the year 2009, while national average stands at 429.4.

The next five most dangerous cities in American had been Detroit, Flint, Michigan and Oakland. The award for the safest city of America has gone to Colonie in New York, having a population of only 75,000. The ranking has been compiled as per the data provided by the FBI.

But FBI spokesperson says that the rankings are not fair because crime in a certain area can be dependant on many factors and like geography and the economic situation of that place.

The ranking of the most dangerous cities of America from number 6 to 25 has been mentioned below –

Violent US, crime America6. Richmond, CA

7. Cleveland, OH

8. Compton, CA

9. Gary, IN

10. Birmingham, AL

11. Baltimore, MD

12. Memphis, TN

13. New Orleans, LA

14. Jackson, MS

15. Little Rock, AR

16. Baton Rouge, LA

17. Buffalo, NY

18. New Haven, CT

19. Hartford, CT

20. Dayton, OH

21. Kansas City, MO

22. Washington, DC

23. Newark, NJ

24. Cincinnati, OH

25. Atlanta, GA

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