Apple Overtakes Google As The World’s Most Valuable Brand

Apple has just pulled one over Google. In a WPP Plc report, Apple Inc has overtaken Google Inc in terms of brand value. Apple’s brand value in last year has grown by an astonishing 84 percent to a value of $153.3 billion where as Google has lost out this year by 2 percent from last year to record a value of $111.5 billion which effectively ends what was a four year stint by Google as the worlds most valuable brand as per the report.

International Business Machines or IBM made a 17 percent improvement on last year to move to third behind the two heavyweights whereas McDonald Corp. came in as the fourth most valuable brand.

Apple is believed to have benefited from the newer versions of their premier products the iPhone, iMac and the totally new iPad, whose sales have almost double Apples profit last quarter. Apple CEO Eileen Campbell expressed her delight at the recent report by saying that it didn’t come as a surprise for her as she believed that every Apple employ from Steve Jobs to their budding interns try their best to nurture Apple as a brand. Apart from just boosting sales and market share in the global phone markets, Apple has successfully become the largest seller of tablet PCs in the world over time.

Amongst others Facebook Inc showed the fastest rise in brand value by growing by over 246 percent to reach an estimate of $19.1 billion and clock in at no. 35 while Google’s rival from China, Baidu Inc exhibited the second largest growth of 141 percent this past year to reach a value of $22.6 billion.


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