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12 Dead As Riots Spread Due To Cairo Church Burning

A sudden clash between Christians and Muslims in Cairo has left everyone panicky. 12 people has already been killed and the law and order situation of the capital of Egypt has been challenged when people belonging to Muslim and Christian religious groups were seen throwing stones on each other’s store.

The fury amongst the Christians was a result of an act of setting Cairo church  burning as a church has been set on fire by a mob of Muslims. In addition, they attacked an apartment building owned by Christians. The attack caused havoc in the area and more than two hundred people have been injured in the attack.

The Christians were scared to the core when they saw Muslims attacking on the church and apartment building with firebombs. However, soon after the Cairo church burning, Christians went down the streets and revolted against the violent attack by Muslims. Both the religious groups are highly conservative and they were seen throwing stones at each other.

The condition become worsened that military vehicles had to be deployed in the area of attack. They diverted traffic passing through the area. In addition, they tried their best in keeping children and women away from the site of attack.

It has been seen that the problems between Muslim and Christian religious groups are increasing at an alarming rate for the past few months. The reason behind it could be that both the groups are highly conservative and they are not ready to compromise when it comes to their beliefs and values.

Surely, if the government out there in Egypt does not take any initiative then the situation would turn out to be ugly. About 200 persons have been arrested in this regard by the authorities.



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