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RIM’s Playbook Tablet Computer Coming On Sprint’s Wireless 4G

According to the latest buzz, Research in Motion Ltd. will be collaborating with Sprint Nextel Corp. to establish them in the rising tablet computing industry.

RIM’s Playbook tablet computer which is coming up with loads of advanced features will run on Sprint’s high-speed wireless 4G technology. This device will be sold through the third largest wireless carrier in the U.S.

However, customers will be able to purchase the Sprint version of the tablet not before the summer, and the companies have so far to disclose the cost of the product. Additionally, the Playbook won’t run a considerable number of applications which were built for RIM’s fashionable BlackBerry smartphone as it is created for a new operating system that RIM got through an acquisition last year.

The Playbook will be coming with a 7-inch screen along with a dual core computer chip to enable the device to display high definition video as well as several applications simultaneously RIM’s Playbook tablet computer will also support the trendy Flash technology created by Adobe that controls much of the video content found on the Web.

Mr. Lazaridis confirms our reporters of News365Today, that the company has a plan to launch bigger tablets in the future, though he didn’t mentioned further details on the issue.  In the interim, Mr. Lazaridis said the 7-inch model is very convenient device due to its portability and light weight.

But experts say, since this device will arrive in the market until summer, so it can lose its potential buyers due to the launch of the Motorola Xoom tablet, which is announced to hit the stores in the second quarter on Verizon Wireless. Moreover, LG tablet, is also coming to T-Mobile in the “coming months”, according to the announcement made at CES today. Both of these devices will be running on Google’s Android software.

Last year Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab were released and both of them became very popular device in tablet PC industry. Now what we are keenly waiting to see is whether these upcoming tablets also manage to survive the highly competitive market. RIM announced it will launch a WiFi-only version of the PlayBook in the first quarter. Its new RIM operating system will help improve the performance and functionality of the device. But the operating system, known as QNX, is not as popular as Apple’s software or Google’s Android OS.

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  1. The thing is, I have no idea what people are actually going to use a tablet PC for. Don’t get me wrong I have two Android tablets, but I’m a geek, I just wonder what Joe Sixpack is going to do with it…

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