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ACTA Suggests Safer Merry Christmas For Pets

Though decoration of Christmas tree is a tradition which is associated with the celebration of Christmas but it can be a possible hazard for your pet whether it is a big or a small one. This revelation has been made by American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA). While decorating a Christmas tree few items are very much required to give the tree a sparkling and attractive look. For example, sparkly tinsel, sharp glass ornaments, dangly garlands, along with milky white artificial snow, though looks but can be risky as they causes pet accidents. ACTA Executive Director warns to ensure that the tree is placed in a larger area and it is decorated with less  gorgeous ornaments near the tree base where the pets can easily reach. Besides that the delicate and fragile items like glass ornaments can be put in the top segment of the tree. If any how the pets swallow these ornaments they may die due to suffocation. Therefore pay a little more attention to the tiny pets roaming in the house when the delicate tree décor are hanging around.

Lights also come as a serious threat to the pets as they can easily attract the eye of the curious cat or daring dog, and they get burned badly when come in contacts of the lights. Make sure that you have unplugged the s twinkling lights when not in use alongside the use of pet proof electrical cords. Animals can even get injured by chewing the cords and their mouth can get burned in the process.

It is advisable to cover the base of the Christmas tree with a tree skirt and the pets can be safe if one can avoid the food based decorations. Always try to place the tree on a stable stand as pets may be running all over the home. When the pet is in the same room as the Christmas tree, try to keep an eye on it. If your pet is safe and does not get injured, you can have a safe holiday.

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