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Williams College Becomes The Best College In USA

A recent report reveals that Williams College which is located in Massachusetts this year has achieved the top position on ranking of the best colleges in USA. With this great success Williams College has been able to leave behind the reputed institutions like Yale and Harvard. Williams College which is one of the oldest academic institutions was established in 1793. The records for the ranking have been brought together by and the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP) in Washington D.C.

According to the College records nearly 2200 students are registered at Williams College at present.

The dean of faculty at Williams College, Mr. William Wagner stated, “It’s always gratifying to be considered among the top institutions in the county.”

The list of top five was filled by the US Military Academy located at West Point and the MIT. Harvard is ranked at No. 8 while Yale has gone down into the top 10.

The conditions for ranking the colleges incorporates the cost of tuition, remuneration of the graduates, experience of the students as well as the Rhodes scholarships winners and Nobel Prizes winners together with many other combinations.

The deputy editor at Forbes, David Ewalt, said, Colleges that don’t burden students with huge amount of expenses and places with small size of classes have the chance to rank higher.

The best US Colleges report arranged by the Forbes and CCAP has taken into account only 9% of the accredited 6,600 institutions.

Williams College was granted by the estate of Ephraim Williams. There are at present three academic curricular divisions comprising humanities, sciences and social sciences along with 24 departments, 33 majors, and two master’s degree programs in art history and development economics.[Source: Wikipedia]

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