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Anna Chapman- The Spy To Expose Mysteries On Her TV Show

The sensational and sultry spy of Russia, Anna Chapman, who was kicked out from US, for spying, has come up with a TV show in Russia.  This sexy Russian girl with flame –coloured hair and all those provocative features, is ready to hit the small screen of Russia, with her new brand new Television show which is known to be focused on revealing/talking the secrets, and the show is named as “Secrets of the World.”

This sensual lady, though swore that the secrets doesn’t comprise her’s , the show gained a lot of attention and in an interview to BBC, Anna Chapman said, “Secrets arouse interest in everyone as they are mysteries and also unsolved. After all, they are secrets!”

Though Anna Chapman denies that she worked as a spy to Russia, this 28-tear old lady was caught by the U.S government and was alleged to be a Russian spy, and underwent deep-cover interrogation. Later the lady was released, but this incident brought her into lime light and Russia welcomed her with great warmth. She had all good things waiting for her when she was back to Russia.

With all these happening, Anna Chapman, attracted the whole nation’s youth, thus became a youth icon with her surname trademarked, bringing out products like vodka, perfumes, watches etc. and now she is again into the limelight with her new TV show. Various segments on champions of this century and astrology are boasted by the show apart from the episodes of unveiling secrets.

This red-haired lady also launched a website of her own recently and with this new show Anna would be more popular. Let’s wait & watch!!

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