Splendor in the grass – Is money everything in Love?

New York- The movie Splendor in the grass will be shown today at 8 PM on Turner Classic Movies. It seems to be the day for Warren Beatty.
Splendor in the Grass was an American movie made in 1961 and it narrates the story of sexual repression, heartbreak and love between a girl who comes from a poor family and her boyfriend, who is from a rich background.

The name of the character of the teenage girl was Deanie Loomis and it was played by Natalie Wood. The boy’s character was Bud Stumper and it was played by Warren Beatty.
In the story, Deanie listens to the advice of her mother of resisting her desire of having sex with her boyfriend Bud. But Bud’s father has given him the advice of looking for another girlfriend, who may agree to have sex with him. Bud was sent to Yale University for further studies and there he met another girl who was willing to have sex with him. In the meantime, with the Great Depression, Bud’s family ruined financially and his father has to commit suicide.
Bud’s father was discouraging his son to have sex with Deanie as if she becomes pregnant, Budd will have to marry a poor girl. Deanie’s mother, on the other hand, was of the opinion that Budd was a prize catch for her daughter and if she looses her virginity, Budd may not marry her. The story narrates a wonderful story on how money plays an important role in the relationship of two teenagers.

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