Secret Society Of Women- Share You Darkest Secret

Lisa Ling an American journalist, who is mosty known as a co-host of ABC The View, this morning, visited the women of the show to have a discussion about something she thinks many women are shy to talk about:  “Miscarriage”.

On the show, Ling tells the audience that she herself went through a devastating experience of miscarriage just six months ago.  An ambitious and fit person, the 32-year-old journalist cum host reveals that the incident made her feel like an “incredible failure.”

At first, she tried to keep her tragedy to herself not expressing to anyone else. That time she researched on the matter via online. But finally she did reach out to her circle of friends and associates who had also suffered this silently after having a miscarriage.

The incident moved Ling to set up a place where women can discuss on this and share their most secret and darkest experiences anonymously without disclosing their name.  It’s known as the Secret Society of Women which is solely created to facilitate discussions about the issues we keep concealed even from the most close friends and family members.

From infatuations and body image matters to affairs and occupation, unnamed anonymous members let it all interact in a caring and warm environment.

Ling is expecting that as she revealed her own secret, others women will feel encouraged to do the same.

JIT Mukherjii
After completing his MBA in Financial Management, he decided to shift to writing and took it as his full time career. Being the Editor-in-chief of this web magazine, he has got diverse interest in the field of politics and business related matters.

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