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The San Francisco Law Makers Passed Nudity Ban

As per the voting of the lawmakers of San Francisco nudity in public places has been banned. This voting ended with a dispute with a typical group of nudists, feeling bitter in taste. The district supervisor Scott Wiener strictly mentioned that freedom, expression and acceptance does not signify that anyone at any time can do anything under any type of circumstances.

Depending on the voting of the city officials in the ratio of 6-5, clearly marked their favor for banning anybody above the age of five years, to prohibit them from exposing his or her private body areas which include anal region, perineum or even the genitals in any public locations. The ruling comes with an exception which states that the same is allowed in case of certain street fairs and events. Filing of a federal lawsuit already executed for making an argument on the proposal infringes on free speech rights. As per the new law which is executed the first offence noticed will be fined maximum $100 (£62). The prosecutors are open to penalize the person up to $500 along with a jail term.

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