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Apple Plans To Launch Much Cheaper iPhones – Nearly Half The Price

Recently a report has been buzzing up regarding Apple, which claims that the leading company in mobile industry is planning to develop a series of cheaper iPhones that wold be available at almost half of the prices compared to current prices of the iPhones.

Perhaps Apple is taking the step to stay competitive in the growing smartphone industry. By launching this cheaper iPhones the company will surely grab the mid range buyers who have always coveted for a iPhone device but could not afford it due to its higher end prices. As per the current market information the software services on the cheaper handsets would be modified and the sizes of the phones would be reduced to half.

The newer version of iPhones is more likely to boast the similar edge-to-edge touchscreen along with virtual keyboard that you will get to see in the current iPhones. But they ill be extremely lightweight device since the sizes would be reduced.

Furthermore, the company will be upgrading its MobileMe online storage service which facilitates the users to store data online, as well as maintaining contacts info, calendar and other mobile applications available to other users. This wonderful service will be a great help for the business people. At present the service is available against $99 annual charges. This service is not only ideal for business users, it also offers various entertaining features like images, music and video file storage etc.

As of now, the present iPhones are sold to the to carriers at approximate $625, which then gets subsidized by the carriers and customers get in hand at the cost of $199 including a service contract.

As Apple will be selling these iphones at nearly half their existing price, so customers can expect that network carriers will also subsidize the cost for new iPhones by selling them in the same price range as other competitor’s handsets. Experts are anticipating that with the introduction of new iPhones in market more business users who look for superior mobility management will go for Apple’s services. These upcoming iPhones would be available in the market alongside the existing ones.

If you are planning to buy a new iPhone device which one you would opt for since the latest iPhone 5 is set to release in the market within few months. Will you rethink before purchasing iPhone 5 or you will wait for Apple’s cheaper version of iPhones to hit the stores? Send us your feedback. Also, if you share this story with your friends it will be greatly appreciated.

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