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Disaster Toll Rises As Japan Nuclear Plant Explodes

Bad luck seems to be not letting Japan to go away. A day after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit the northern part of the country, there was a massive explosion at the nuclear power station on Saturday. The explosion seemed to have destroyed a big building where the reactor was placed.

But the good news is the scientists have been able to decrease the radiation leak that aroused after the explosion. The destructions caused by yesterday’s tsunami are simply incalculable. Government officials said that four trains full with passengers have disappeared and is still yet to be traced. Unofficial sources say that death toll seemed to have crossed the 1300 mark.

After the nuclear explosion, the walls of the building crumbled into pieces and the only metal structure is now standing alone. The container of the reactor is quite safe and some of the workers at the plant have suffered minor injuries.

After the tsunami attack, the entire power system in the area was broken off as a result, the cooling system of the nuclear plant stopped functioning. This led to the blast which would have caused another round of big natural calamity.

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