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Is The Dead Alien Found In Siberia True?

Reports are pouring from all over the world that the dead remains of an alien have been found in Siberia. Since the concept seemed to be quite doubtful, people are searching all over the Internet to get a picture of the dead alien found in Siberia.

The dead alien found in Siberia has been found in the snow by two walkers close to the place named Irkutsk. The corpse of creature which has been badly damaged has been found to be 2 ft in height. UFO fans are of the opinion that the body may have been left behind by the ET visitors as the alien seemed to have lost his right leg. There is a deep hole in the eyes and the mouth and the skull shape is quite peculiar, unlike humans.

Cynics are claiming that the video of dead alien found in Siberia is a fake one and the body of the alien is nothing but a staged model of an alien’s body.

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