Red Meat Increases The TMAO Level In The Human Body

Eating red meat is a great danger for human body. Red meat increases the chances of heart disease. The scientist of Cleveland Clinic discovers when people eat red meat; a chemical comes from the bacteria and the liver converts the bacteria. This conversion introduces TMAO chemical that enters into the human blood. In the process, it increases the heart disease danger. According to the researchers, the intake of red meat is highly dangerous for human health and is considered to be a major cause of heart attack.

An increase in the TMAO level is not a good sign in the human body. The researcher observes that it leads to death of the person, if the TMAO level is high in the blood. The researchers are working on the treatment of the heart disease. A proper and useful antibiotic will kill the chemical bacteria. Moreover, good assessment of the TMAO in the human blood will reduce the risk of heart attack.


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