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No Pulitzer Prize Winner For Fiction This Year

Pulitzer prize jury board declared on Monday that the board has failed to announce the name of prize winner for either fiction or editorial writing. Pulitzer Prize administrator, Sig Gissler said that they are sorry when the people are disappointed with this news. However, the committee succeeded in selecting three finalists in each category. But none of the works succeeded in receiving a majority support from the jury panel.

Mr. Gissler also added that the press statement was not just about fiction, but a statement about the general procedures. As a general process, the books from the three finalists were selected and sent to the 20 person Pulitzer Prize Board. The Pulitzer Prize Board evaluated the works and if a work fails to achieve sufficient vote, no award is declared. This year the books in competition were Train Dreams by Denis Johnson,Swamplandia by Karen Russell  and The pale King by David Foster Wallace.

Gissler also added that there were several other factors for not declaring a winner. However, he hesitated to discuss the factors in details. This is the first time after the long 36 years Pulitzer Prize board failed to find a winner.

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