Proper hydration and one hour exercise can control BP

NASA-funded astronauts-based study has come up with the conclusion that low blood pressure can be remedied through everyday exercise coupled with hydrated body. The body recovers and regulates fainting and dizziness occurrence. This study is published in the journal Circulation. Astronauts once back on earth suffer from a condition called orthostatic intolerance. It affects daily activity.

The testers discovered that a systemic an hour or more of exercise plan at the time of space journey pursued by saline injection once on earth was enough to keep the above cited condition. The adequate exercise followed by hydration was ample to forestall loss of heart muscle. The testers were ready to see a large majority of astronauts’ faint. This did not happen.

Cardiologist Dr Benjamin Levine of UT South Western Medical Centre was at the helm of this study was satisfied with the results. In1969 when man landed on the moon the event was consequential for him. He started working with astronauts from 1991. The most expensive catheter, was installed on the right-side heart of the astronaut prior to his leaving for space. This was studied for results. The early research was committed to find out as to why astronauts fainted once back on earth. The research shed light on this and is known that it is preventable now.

The testers placed a puny blood pressure cuff on the finger of the twelve astronaut’s finger. The crew was eight men and four women. The blood pressure magnitude was charted for every heartbeat.  It was monitored several times in a 24-hour period. It lasted the whole space journey which lasted for six months.

Same type of condition was noticed in patients with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS. It is common in women. The dizziness incapacities such patient in the similar condition. Dr Levine treated one Dallas patient to recover and lead a normal life.


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