Problems Of A “Teenage Daughter”? Listen Martina McBride’s Song

It was a matter of rare coincidence for Martina McBride. Or it can also be described as a matter of great timing. Her single song “Teenage daughters” became available on iTunes on the same day when her teenage daughter Emma turned 13. The day was on March 29th, 2011.

Martina said, “”How fitting that I have another teenager in the house on the very day the song is released!”  Emma is second in line in the household of Emma to become a teenager as her elder daughter Delaney is now 16 years old. In fact, while exchanging a conversation with Delaney that she got the idea of writing this song and release it with Warren Brothers. It is Martina McBride’s single song from her upcoming album which may get released at the end of the current year.
While Martina McBride’s husband John was taking Delaney to school, she said that her mother hates her like anything and she was stunned to hear that from John after he came back from school. She spoke to Delaney about her feelings and only then decided to write a song on the subject.
There is no reason to feel that this song will be the last inspiration for this singer as her daughter Ava is only 5 years old and is supposed to be another would be teenager waiting in line.
Martina also said that she and John have got quite an open relationship with their daughter and that’s quite easy when they are seeking independence at the time of growing up. At the growing stage, parents must try to keep a balance between independence and mental maturity. The song by “Teenage Daughters” by Martina McBride has tried to explain the difficulties by mothers at this stage of their life when their daughter is an teenage one.


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