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Know Everything About Pippa Middleton’s Date Alex Loudon

Recently, Pippa Middleton was spotted with a gentleman on the wedding day of her sister Duchess Catherine to Prince William. If you are getting curious to know who this gentleman is then he is none other than Alex Loudon.

Various things are there that you should know about Pippa Middleton’s date Alex Loudon. The first amongst them is he was a promising cricket player but he put a full stop to his career in cricket for getting into business. Alex Loudon is a well renowned English cricket player who has played as an off spin bowler and as a right-hand batsman. It was in the year 2007 when he stopped playing cricket and he got himself enrolled at the London Business School for pursuing MBA degree.

If you think this is all about Pippa Middleton’s Date Alex Loudon then you must be getting wrong. Other fact about Alex Loudon that needs to be mentioned is he was the president of Pop. Pop is a privileged society at Eton. Moreover, Alex is son of the retired financier James Loudon. On top of all this, he completed his studies at Durham that is one amongst the top universities in England.

Last but not the least fact about Pippa Middleton’s date Alex Loudon is he is just like other dates of Middleton. To name some like Charlie Giles and Simon Youngman, all of them are handsome. They belong to rich families and not to forget studied at the best schools and universities in England.

In all, whoever Alex Loudon is, both of them make a great couple together.


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