Nadunisi Naaygal Review Is Not Very Positive

People giving Nadunisi Naaygal review are saying not much good things about the movie. While going through the Nadunisi Naaygal review, it came to be known that the movie is nothing but a psycho thriller.

There is a psycho thriller based in Chennai, who has got a peculiar habit of terrorizing the women at night. Hence the movie involves lots of fearful scenes and is shot mainly in darkness.

One of the viewers has commented that there is a scene showing a mother being raped by her son. While giving Nadunisi Naaygal review, people mentioned this scene and obviously it did not go with the public quite well.

The music of the movie is not very attractive and the female role has been played by none other than Sameera Reddy. The male psycho character has been played by a newcomer named Veera.

The technical part of the film Nadunisi Naaygal is quite superb and can be considered better than any other movies. Let us see how much good business it can do at the box office.

JIT Mukherjii
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