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M.F. Hussain, Painter and Creator of Gajagamini, Is Dead

The noted Indian painter M.F. Hussain died today in a London hospital at 2.30 a.m. in the wee morning hours. The celebrity painter was 95 years old at the time of his death.

M.F. Hussain was admitted to the nursing home as he was suffering from age related ailments. The noted painter was living in a self imposed exile since the year 2006. Two years back, he was given the citizenship of Qatar and he used to shift between Doha and London to balance his professional and personal life.

M.F. Hussain was an ardent fan of the Indian beauty Madhuri Dixit and he has also made a film named Gajagamini after her. He also made another film with Tabu and it was named as Meenaxi: A tale of 3 cities. The noted painter will be cremated in London.

M.F. Hussain became a point of attack of the Indian Hindu fundamentalists after he made some controversial paintings depicting some Indian goddesses. A lot of court cases were pending against him till he decided to stay in self-imposed exile.

A large number of Bollywood personalities have expressed grief over the M.F. Hussain death. Some even described him as a ‘great loss of art’. Appeal of paintings of M.F. Hussain reached beyond boundaries and many used to call him as The Picasso of India.


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