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NASA Announcement Today Reveals “Arsenic-Based Life Form” At Mono Lake California

This Thursday NASA organized a press conference at the NASA Headquarters where they revealed the latest finding of arsenic-based life forms on Earth. As Marc Kaufman explained to us-

All living objects on Earth – starting from tiny microbes to elephants and human being – is based on a only genetic structure that needs the component phosphorus as one of the six essential elements for the formation.

But the recent discovery unearths a bacterium that contains five of those vital elements but has, in fact, substituted phosphorus with its toxic cousin arsenic.

After this NASA Announcement, entire science world is going through a massive turmoil. Even White House and Congress are also concerned whether a second line of earthly existence has been discovered yet.

These are sourcing various assumptions of the potential discovery of extraterrestrial life; when people were just going crazy after hearing the possible existence of alien life formation, Melissa Bell again brings us back to the topic.

Before things make you little disappointed since NASA has not found any weird looking little green aliens till now, but still it will be considered as a giant leap for the discovery of this bacterium which can be very powerful source of second line of life. Till now it was a long been theory that without six certain indispensable components — carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur — life cannot exist. But this recent invention reveals “life-as-we-know-it could be much more flexible than we generally assume or can imagine,” Felisa Wolfe-Simon who is a NASA biochemist says to the Post’s Marc Kaufman.

It seems that, the place where scientists found this type of bacteria is Mono Lake, located in California. Though we heard about the announcement claiming NASA has found some alien life-form in Monolake California was just to grab the attention of the media. Still, we consider this to be breakthrough discovery of today.

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