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Google’s New Smartphone Is Going To Be The Best In The Market

The most interesting Smartphone of 2014 has been revealed by Google this year. This is a part of the Project Tango by Google. The phone is designed in a very special manner. In accordance with a report revealed by Google this phone has special sensors in it. It also has special chips which enables it to map the indoor spaces.

This phone runs on the operating system of Android. It comes with an exciting developer kit which helps in creating various kinds of application for the mobile, along with the help of the sensors. This project was started as a call out to various developers to finish the tango project. After a rigorous choosing session only 200 were chosen to develop the project.

The collaboration of various labs, universities, industrial partners, etc made this project a reality. It has built in gyroscopes which helps the phone to know in which direction it is directed. That helps in moving the orientation of the phone in accordance with it.

The phone has a four megapixel camera and thus enables in taking high quality pictures. The main feature, however, of this phone is its ability to create 3D maps. Moreover the maps created can be easily shared with others.

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