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A Movie On The Royal Couple – ‘William &Kate’

Just before the royal wedding, here’s something for all the fans who wish to get a sneak peek into the life so far of the romantic couple. A movie starring Nico Evers Swindell and Camilla Luddington playing the character of William and Kate respectively is being aired by Lifetime. The movie on love life of William and Kate will be shown on Lifetime on 23rd April at 9 PM.

The made-for-TV film characterizes the lives of William and Kate, from the time they fell for each other while studying in the same university till the happy ending when both of them decided to tie the knot. The first hour of the movie will be showing the time they were in love before marriage. The second part will be a reflection of how the course of their life will change after they tie the knot.

The cute looking couple work are seen to be working together in many projects and assignments, in St. Andrews University, where they get to know each other and feel that they are meant for each other. The movie shows the couple kissing in a rainstorm as the first move to come closer. Their romance continues when they begin seeing each other.

But William tries to keep Kate away from the paparazzi and so the press gets a free hand to speculate about their private life. The story then takes a different turn when Kate’s life changes when they go public. But all’s well that ends well. While practicing for a charity rowing event, William gets Kate back into his life.

In this movie, Jonathan Patrick Moore plays the character of Ian Musgrave as William’s friend. Moore has been William’s wingman at school and by Kate’s family. Most of what is portrayed viz., Kate bringing Prince to her house, the fashion show, etc are straight out of the real life romantic comedy. All in all, a movie played by a young set of actors. Only time will tell if the audience find the movie realistic.


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