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I always took good care of my car with daily washes, polish and regular servicing. It was always gleaming on the outside. One day my friend invited my entire family for his wedding somewhere near Leh.

I was wondering how to get there. Despite my friend giving me directions on the phone, I was apprehensive about how to get there. He told me that I had to drive through one of the world’s highest mountain passes at Khardung La which was some 17,583 feet above mean sea level.
I checked the internet and for car accessories online – I found and asked about a GPS navigator, they said MapmyIndia ZX150 (2 GB, Black) would be a good option .They also informed me that it would also be very cold at that altitude, hmm I hadn’t thought of that. They told me they have they have quilted jackets too. I checked their site again, yes it was reasonably priced, so I ordered two for me and my wife and two more for my two kids. A thought struck me, how would I keep my noisy kids entertained on the long journey? Yes they had a car TV too! I ordered one too –it wasn’t so costly either.

While browsing their site I came across alloy wheels –immediately I knew that it would increase my car’s looks, especially if I had that mustang decal they also had on their e-shelves. Made of aluminum, Alloy wheels are lighter, sturdier and offer better road grip too! I ordered the all terrain one.
And finally, I knew that my friend was a fishing enthusiast and guess what? They had fishing rods too! What an idea!
A wedding gift from my side I thought. All the car accessories plus the other things came to my doorsteps earlier than I expected. I silently thanked and took all the stuff to my mechanic and had them fitted. All my family members complimented me on how my car looked so trendy and beautiful. My kids checked the TV and gave squeals of delight.
Early next morning I set off. My car felt smoother and the GPS navigator gave me exact directions. I wondered if other drivers around me were admiring the decal or the alloy wheels. It began to get colder as I drove uphill. Soon all of us put on our jackets and felt warm. I reached the wedding place before time! All the invitees at the wedding stopped to ogle at my car. My pride swelled and I was smiling automatically. I gave the fishing rod to my friend as I greeted him and shook his hand. He was overwhelmed by the gift. We all had a good time. My friend too appreciated my car, especially the neat new alloy wheels. He said all my family looked great too, in their smart new jackets. Hats off to! I recommend it to all proud car owners who want to buy car accessories online in India.

JIT Mukherjii
After completing his MBA in Financial Management, he decided to shift to writing and took it as his full time career. Being the Editor-in-chief of this web magazine, he has got diverse interest in the field of politics and business related matters.

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