Miley’s Myspace Hacker Arrested: Also Released After Few Days

Recently the Federal Bureau of Investigation got hold of the person who has hacked into the personal email account f the famous teen pop star Miley Cyrus. The person has been caught publishing private pictures of the singer. However the hacker has been arrested finally by the authorities on other unrelated charges.

As per the documents available at the Federal Court the hacker named Josh Holly, is a 21years old guy, and had been taken under arrest in Nashville on 30th December morning for the charges of possessing illegal credit card account numbers. FBI agents have found enough evidence by searching his computer and took him into custody.

FBI in an official statement has disclosed that Holly has admitted that he illegally hacked into Cyrus’ MySpace account. Besides he had also already confessed about it not at the social networking websites but also to the news media about possessing photos of Miley Cyrus from her personal Gmail account. Until now, he is not really facing any current charges regarding invading Miley’s personal information, and so Holly has been released on Jan 3. Cyrus’ publicist had made no comment on the arrest till now.

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