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Kyocera Echo With Dual Screen Will Be available On Sprint

This Monday Sprint Nextel Corp. has launched a smart phone that features two screens; The screen on the top slides out and can also be snapped into place so that the two screen lay next to other. It helps to create a bigger screen space that can easily be compared to a tablet computer.

The phone naming Echo is made by Japanese manufacturer Kyocera Corp. which will be coming with screens each of a size of an iPhone’s display. The cell phone has got two 3.5-inch LCD displays attached by an innovative hinge When they are put together creates a bigger screen space that makes typing messages, playing games or watching videos more convenient compared to other handsets with smaller screen.

Customers can enjoy the both options of using a single or both screens together. Suppose while you are viewing YouTube clip or Google Maps you can stretch across both screens. But Sprint also facilitates the users to apply certain applications in order that different parts of the app are displayed on each screen.

Other notable features comprise a 5-megapixel camera with HD video recording facility in addition to a charger that doubles as a battery pack.

The Echo will be running on Google Inc.’s Android 2.2, also popular as Froyo. Since this cellphone boasts an  extra screen this will make the phone stand out from hundreds of other cell phones that also run Android.

For now, Sprint has incorporated the basic features like e-mail, text messaging, photo, video recording as well as the Web browsing features. In addition to this you can enjoy playing games on this smartphone using the dual screen. Sprint has announeced that soon they will add some Android apps in Echo.

The phone offers 5.5 hours of talk time, though Sprint claims to extend the battery life before it goes on sale. I think this is an important issue since iPhone on the contrary offers 7 hours of talk time.

Though Sprint will provide a spare battery along with an appliance that can be used to recharge both the handset and the second battery simultaneously, but let’s see whether this proves to be effective to survive the iPhone challenge.

The phone will be available in the spring at $199 with a two-year contract.

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