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The association of the private hospitals in India has asked the Government to interfere on the ongoing tussle going on between them and the insurance companies over the cashless medical insurance policy issue. The association includes the hospitals Jalok, Breach Candy, Hurkisondas and Hinduja. They are of the opinion that the demand for a uniform r

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ate across all hospitals is not possible and also not feasible for them. They have stated that rates actually depend on the location of the hospital and quality of equipments used in the treatment. Rates also vary within the hospitals for the different levels of service given to the patients. How can the rates be same for all class of service? Do they have same insurance premium for all of their insurance policies? Then why are they expecting from us?
Cancer can be treated by surgery and also by focused MRI and the costs in these two cases are exponentially different. Is it possible for the hospital authorities to offer both these services at the same cost? Finally, it is the decision of the patient and accordingly they proceed with the treatment.
As the four insurance companies continue to fight over the cashless insurance policies, it is the common man who is suffering as many of them are being deprived of the treatment, in spite of having an insurance policy.

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