Depression Is Rising More Among Women Than Men

depressionDepression is on the rise among Asian women, according to a survey by World Health Organization (WHO). Psychologists feel that it is like common cold that comes and goes from time to time and a person will have it once in their life at least. Surprisingly, depression can be cured easily but most of the times it is misunderstood and wrongly diagnosed. According to WHO estimates, by 2020 depression will be the second main reason for Disability-Adjusted Life Years.

Depression is more common in women than in men due to various reasons which are critical and  misunderstood.  It is often caused by mood swings resulting from medication, use of oral contraceptives, and hormonal changes due to age. Women in most families lack moral support as they wear many hats that of a wife, mother and career woman. In most cases she is expected to perfectly perform all the roles. This added burden of perfection creates a stress that tips the scale and causes depression to set in. The symptoms of depression –lack of appetite, disturbed sleep or sadness – can vary from person to person.

Getting out of depression is easy enough if help is available. In most cases talking to someone helps. It can be a psychologist or it could be a friend or the family doctor too. Getting involved in work is also a great way to beat depression. It is important to just think beyond family and get into bigger things to get out of depression. Getting help as soon as the condition is recognized is essential because delay would allow depression to permanently set in and getting a patient out of that is very difficult. Modern lifestyle is primarily responsible for depression as people have lesser time to interact with family and friends leading lives where work and life don’t balance each other.



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