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Grab Latest Motorola Cliq 2 @ $99 Only

Motorola has unveiled the latest version of its Android powered handset, “Cliq” which has been named the Cliq 2. Motorola at CES 2011 publicly declared about this Device. Cliq 2 is teamed up with T-Mobile in the US, and finally available at stores at a very affordable price of $99.

When speaking about the noteworthy features of Motorola Cliq 2, one should never forget about its  3.7-inch display screen that presents amazing picture and visibilities. It comes with 1GHz processor, along with Froyo and 5-megapixell digital camera. Its dual LED flash ensures bright emage quality even if you take a snap in the dark. Other facilities one can enjoy also includes Wi-Fi technology, Bluetooth connectivity, DLNA and a 2GB memory card that offer plenty of storage space. Though Motorola Cliq 2 only comprises of 3G feature, users can still enjoy the carrier’s 4G network that provides even speedier data access. Customers can avail this wonderful device clubbed with a 2-year contract.

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