A champion against cancer may lose his image

The list of the athletes is quite large who have seen their successes on the field getting tarnished due to proven cheating allegations or some sort of criminal or any unnatural behavior has been revealed. But the case history of Lance Armstrong has become more of a complicated one. He has survived testicular cancer which had affected his brain and lungs.

He overcame those health related hindrances to win the Tour de France title a record seven times. His tremendous success even after the disease made him a symbol of a positive person who can still think of winning in life after suffering from cancer.

His philanthropic work has also invited a lot of praises, as his Livestrong foundation has spent $31 million last year for treatment of the cancer patients. A man of his stature is now facing Federal Investigations for doping activities. If the probe finds him guilty of charge then he is definitely going to loose what he has achieved in all these years and that will really be a very unfortunate turn of events at the end of the day.

But Mr. Doug Ulman, the Chief Executive of Livestrong has pointed out that there are many unknown things at this point and if he is proved guilty, it will really be a frustrating thing for us. But the cancer fraternity is of the opinion that if the allegations against him are proven to be true, then it does not matter to them. His contribution to cancer is much more than what he has done for sports. He has done more good things than the bad ones.

JIT Mukherjii
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