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Blackberry Unveils a Host Of Security Products

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On Thursday Blackberry Ltd. unveiled a variety of security products, which claims to provide safety for almost everything, starting from Hollywood scripts to normal medical devices! The company at present is focusing more on its software entity, rather than on any other aspects. The chief executive of the company is however, highly satisfied with the progress on the turnaround, which was laid out at a revenue target of 500 million USD. Though the products showcased by the company assures of providing security to almost everything, yet the CEO is of the opinion that his efforts of transforming the company remains a work in progress.

Despite the success in the BlackBerry’s balance sheet, its shares have not shown any northward movement in the last 15 months, as most investors are looking for proof that the organization can get back on the growth curve, very soon.The turnaround however, is taking up a little longer time than the expected one, but within next 12 to 18 months the investors can be sure of reaping the rewards. The Chief Operating Officer goes on to add that the company was not set-up as a software delivery company, yet measures have been taken up to improve the ability of BlackBerry, which is not a trivial thing to achieve.

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