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Youngest PM Matteo Renzi Promises Italy Of Clearing Financial Stagnancy


Promising a bright future and a change in the state of affairs it is Matteo Renzi who will vow as the youngest prime minister of Italy. The 39 year old leader of the centre-Left Democratic Party, unveiled his government and said that a broad coalition with wide outlook will help the nation with respect to the economy.

Renzi, the ex-mayor of Florence also promised to the citizens that he and the government will be up and doing with geared up remedial activities and will not waste any time in implementing reforms. He believes that his government will survive the test of time with good support and will last through to the end of the current Parliament in 2018.

His party remains the majority party, propped up by two relatively smaller groupings of former premier Mario Monti and loyalists of Silvio Berlusconi.

Amazingly though, Renzi will the third straight premier to hold the office without being elected. The aim of socio-economic and political reforms is just to purge the dross from Italy and give it a clear winner at the ballot box, which counts ultimately.


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