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Cameron Grants Scotland Powers To Raise More Money

David Cameron has promised today that Scotland can set its own taxes, even if it votes no to independence. He has signaled more powers will be handed to Holyrood as a matter of fact.

Such a pledge from the British Prime Minister will allow the Scottish Parliament more tax raising powers if the voters dwelling north of the Border reject independence.

In a conference, Cameron said that Alex Salmond was spreading a speculation that the September’s vote was a choice between separation and status quo. However Cameron’s announcement ahead of the publication of a report in May of a commission suggests that it will recommend extra powers should be devolved.

According to the Prime Minister, the Nationalists want to make people believe that devolution has ended and it’s a do or die situation, which is wrong and misinterpreted. Clarifying himself, he said that a vote for No is not a vote for no change. Rather due to his plans the Scottish Parliament will be granted more authority so that it can raise more money than it spends. A Yes vote in turn will mean complete separation.

However opposing to the view, Blair Jenkins chief executive of the pro-separation Yes campaign said, that a No vote can lead to greater power of Holyrood, which in turn can come as a big blow to the credibility of no campaign.

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