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Australia all set to have a hung Parliament

Australia is all set towards a hung Parliament and as the picture is becoming increasingly clear, the independent candidates will have the key to balancing power once the final results are announced.  Any of the parties need to win 76 seats in order to win the Parliament and get the mandate to rule the country.
Intending parties have started their preparations to form the next government.  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has started primary level of negotiations with the independents and has said that she is confident of her majority on the floor of the house.
As per the opinion poll conducted by various agencies, ruling Labor will get 72 seats and the opposition coalition may get 73 seats to the parliament. So, from the emerging picture, it becomes quite evident that the independents are going to have the controlling power in hand and the one who gets the support of the independents can form the next Government in Australia.

After Gillard came to know that it is really difficult for her to get absolute majority, she asked the support of the independents and claimed that she will form the next Government as her party has polled the highest numbers of votes in the nationwide opinion poll.

Australia last had a hung parliament in the year 1940. If it happens this time, it is going to be history repeated after a span of almost 70 years. The independents are expected to win in four or five seats.

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