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Jayalalitha The Chief Minister Returns to Office with Gifts for Voters

On Monday, actor turned politician, Jayalalitha was sworn in for her third stint as chief minister of Tamil Nadu since being elected back in 1991. Without wasting any time the AIADMK leader dished out a lot of gifts for the state’s female population and for those under the poverty line by ordering for 20 Kg of rice for the poor people of the State and 35 Kg for those who are even poorer. This is to be distributed by the State’s public distribution system. The newly instated Jayalalitha the Chief Minister ordered that apart from the aid of Rs. 25,000 for marriage assistance, the poor yet educated women of the State be provided with a ‘mangalsutra’ made from four grams of pure gold as well. For those women who are educated with a degree or diploma and are yet poor the assistance was doubled to a sum of Rs.50, 000.

She also further hiked the compensation to fishermen during the 45 day period ban on fishing and raised pension rates for destitute, differently disabled and old women to Rs.1000. The maternity leave for women working for the state government was also extended to six months.

Earlier in the day Jayalalitha the Chief Minister was sworn in at the Universary Centenary hall by Governor Surjit Singh Barnala. The oath taking was attended by the likes of Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, DMDMK leader A. Vijayakanth, former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minster Chandrababu Naidu and several personalities from the Tamil film industry. Earlier in the elections the AIADMK led coalition won 203 of the 234 seats in the state of which 150 were procured by the AIADMK itself.


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5 Replies to “Jayalalitha The Chief Minister Returns to Office with Gifts for Voters

  1. Congrtulations to Jayalalitha for becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the third time. It is good to know about all changes and reshuffling. But, regarding the shifting of Scretariat from the new building to the old George Fort is unnecessary. No one can cheat the people of Tamil Nadu. It is not because of her greatness and clean hands the people have voted to her. They wanted a change. That’s all. So, there is nothing to be proud about this victory. Everyone knows pretty well who is Jayalalitha.

  2. Congratulations M/s Jayalalitha
    for becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
    for the third time. I’m Proud Of You!
    You’re Very Talented!You’re A Great Example For Others!
    Rule the Tamil Nadu forever and ever……………..

  3. hearty congratulations madam:

    very happy to hear the news that you are our chief minister… Very proud of you… as a women immensely happy to keep you as my role model.We admire your talents, courage, determination, power, dedication etc…keep rocking… our entire support and cooperation is with you forever.. once again i express my congrats…

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