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Apple iPad Hits The Stores In USA: Pre-order Sale Opens

Finally the Apple iPad release date has arrived. Customers who were dying to get this wondrous gadget in their hand can go for pre order sale. Apple declared Friday afternoon will be the D-day when iPad 2 will be available for sale in the stores. But if you want to avoid the maddening rush at the stores and ensure to get the device earlier then just grab your mouse and place the booking order online which starts at the impertinent pre-dawn hours. The online sales of the iPad 2 have been started at around 1 a.m. PST, to serve those iPad fanatics who could not wait any longer for the stores to open at 5pm in the same evening. As for now, we heard that the release date for Apple iPad 2 in rest of the world has been set on 25th March.

The first iPad was received by the customers and on the very first day it was sold above 300,000 units. Till now iPad has been sold more than 15 million in one year.

iPad 2 is a vast improvement, as Steve Jobs stated during its launch, who interrupted his medical leave to launch the new version of the much anticipated iPad. Most advantageously, the iPad 2, despite of several updates and enhancements has been priced at the original iPad price range of $499 to $829.

The next gen iPad 2 has got a 33% sleeker and 13% lighter body than its predecessor. It also flaunts two integrated cameras on both side of the device.

There have been quite a few tablets releases in last two years. But still Apple iPad plats the dominant role with having 85% of the market share. Hope this improved version of Apple will go on keeping this trend unaltered.

iPad 2 Features:

•iOS 4.3

•Weighs 1.3 pounds

•33% thinner body at 8.8mm

•All new A5 chip with dual-core processors

•Same power consumption rate as A4 chip

•9x faster graphics

•2x faster CPU

•Built-in gyroscope

•Dual cameras: Shoots 720p at up to 30fps on the rear and VGA stills on front-facing camera

•Same 10-hour battery life

•New apps optimized for iPad: iMovie, GarageBand, FaceTime, Photo Booth

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