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Amazon.Com Offering Samsung Continuum @ $0.01 Only!!

If you are really fond of Android devices, then Samsung brings an incredibly superb quality smart phone in its horizon, Samsung Continuum which is world’s first smartphone that sports a live ticker screen. Therefore Amazon.Com which is the world’s leading online store, offering this amazing device at $0.01 Only which is almost free [Price varies based on service type]. See the details here. This handset is packed with the most updated functionalities and apps that can easily grab everybody’s attention. The ticker screen on the handset is very much useful, since it enables the users to check the time, or updates on incoming messages or missed calls, without lighting up the whole large screen.  It supports the EV-DO high-speed data standard, so that customers can enjoy quick access to the Internet and Verizon Wireless multimedia services.

Samsung Continuum Review: Price And Features

Continuum features 2 big and superior quality speakers on the rear, the device is perfect for playing games, watching movies, listening to plenty of music, even with the speakerphone. As the phone is much narrower than Samsung Fascinate, so the battery life is quite average and it lasts a day. The handset is highly recommended specially if you are a social networking buff.

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