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Samsung Continuum Review: Price And Features

Samsung’s latest innovation the Samsung Continuum, is the world’s first smartphone that comes with a live ticker screen. This feature provides current updates in the social networking, news, weather, sports, and also in finance departments. The rest of the features of Continuum is quite similar to a Samsung Fascinate and both of them are Verizon phones. The handset runs on Android 2.1, and it boasts a 5-megapixel camera with flash along with 720p video, and Super AMOLED screen technology.

The shape of Samsung Continuum is very unique; it has a tall and narrow design, with rounded corners. Moreover, just akin to Samsung Fascinate, the Samsung Continuum also features a Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, though its size has been reduced to a 3.4-inch display on the handset.
the Super AMOLED display of Samsung Continuum are amazing with a 50,000:1 contrast ratio as the users can enjoy absolutely bright, lively colors of the images and videos. Samsung also integrated a Grip Sensor underneath the Continuum.

The handset is a high speed device that comes with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor.  Samsung Continuum is equipped with an 8GB MicroSD card for ample storage space. The Samsung Continuum also incorporates a 6-axis sensor that facilitates 3D gaming, offering Wi-Fi Wireless-N connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1, and GPS.

Android 2.1 operated Samsung Continuum has many other useful features to provide users a wonderful mobile experience. Though it doesn’t include Flash for Internet browsing and the speed and features are less than what we get from Android 2.2 operated devices. But we can hope to see a 2.2 upgrade in near future, but up till now, Android 2.1 is still a dominant platform.

The handset has got clear, crisp call quality with reduced background noise. The battery life of Samsung Continuum is average.  It also captures 720p HD videos. The Samsung Continuum’s camera features touch focus, exposure compensation, as well as the three different metering modes, with additional Scene modes.

The price for Samsung Continuum without any contract varies between $529.53 to $559.99.

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