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Pakistan Is Becoming A Serious Concern To US And Other Governments

New York Times have revealed from US diplomatic cables that the relationship between US and Pakistan is full with tension and anxiety. US is concerned because Pakistan is having huge stock of uranium and is quite supportive to the Islamic militants and also about the deep economic crisis through which the country is passing through.A part of the document available from the Wikileaks website has been published in The Guardian newspaper in London. Report of has been made based on the matter published in

The cable clearly shows that the US ambassador in Islamabad showing deep concern regarding the supply and storage of high quality uranium in an old research reactor. It’s only purpose is to make a dirty bomb, said the US ambassador.

The Times has stated that the cables have revealed Americans willing to support an unpopular government which is more sympathetic to America rather than improving the real worries of the local people of Pakistan. It was also disclosed that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has revealed that Asif Sardari remains the main obstacle of the government to end the safe haven feeling of the terrorists in that country.

CNN has also reported of another Canadian Intelligence chief who visited Pakistan and expressed deep concerns of the degrading political, economic and security of the common man there.

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