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Check Your Search Engine Rank With This Great Tool

You can earn more money from your website if you can drive tons of traffic to it. To get lots of traffic, doing a good SEO work is very important as it helps to place your blog on the higher page ranks of Google search with a particular keyword and hence can drive in more visitors.

Your job can be made much easier if you have a SERP checker at hand. There are some SERP checkers available online which can help you to check the position of 20 keywords at a time. You can also check the positions of multiple domains with different keywords and the product is available absolutely free.

The SERP checker also helps to track the current and the previous position so that it can help you to track the performance. The user can choose from more than 50 regional Google domains and it can let you know how you have positioned in your targeted country. The user can also compete against three domains and see its’ position against its’ competitors.

If anyone becomes a registered user, then he can track the daily SERP rank changes and can also track eight times more keyword than a non-registered user. Go to the sign up page for registering.

JIT Mukherjii
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