Climatic Influences On Investment Activities Of Investors

Climatic and weather changes are abrupt and cannot be in anyway controlled by human activity. So investors are now being affected by such climatic hazards that are taking place round the world. The entire investment portfolios are being changed and assets are being reviewed by investors before investing at any place at any corner of the world. Real estate and infrastructural investments are a prime concern among all investments. Investors from round the world have specified their potential risks that they feel about climatic changes. But investments should however be made to continue growth and development that will integrate climatic risk factors as well.

The climatic factors included green house gas emissions, physical impacts of environmental degradation upon property and carbon emissions. With increase in global temperature, wind intensity the raw materials used for constructions are degrading in quality, durability as well as performance. Less and fewer developments are being made keeping in mind costs involved in maintain ace as well. The internal environment of infrastructures is noticing fast deterioration as well. Dry summers with intense flash flooding are a common picture of the day. Existing drainage systems cannot bear the heavy rainfall and cross contamination of water supplies is a major outcome.  Increased project and overhead costs are setting back investors to invest on huge developmental projects due to such climatic variations.

JIT Mukherjii
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