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“Casey Anthony Trial” Latest News: She Is Not Guilty Of Murder


Very few trials are there, which becomes successful in grabbing so much of the public attention to the extent that we experienced in Casey Anthony trial recently. Whenever there is a death of a child, it becomes one of the major focuses of the public. Most of the onlookers that followed this trial were parents and the case appealed to them since they could relate the incident to their own lives. The 25-year-old mother Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, but she became convicted of four counts due to misleading investigators who were investigating on the girl’s disappearance in June 2008. Nancy Grace has spoken of her children many times with respect to this case and the callers that phoned her show would repeatedly mention them as well. This trial turned into personal for lots of people and that is why there is so much outrage was developing.

The anxiety on the face of Casey Anthony was clearly visible when she took her sit there at 2 PM today, awaiting the ruling of the judge. Her father, George, was sitting in the crowd with a same look of anxiety on his face. Though earlier he was thrown under the bus by his daughter with allegations of molestation and covering up the drowning death of young Caylee, but he supported Casey during this trial period.

Although the most of the thought that Casey would be going away for a long time, RSR was following the case and he conducted numerous polls, asking just what people thinks of the case, and statistics showed nearly 11% of people feels that Casey was not guilty, and those that supported her were very animate.

Actually Casey’s look also helped her to gain people’s sympathy towards her. She looks quite attractive and it’s difficult to visualize a person that is so pretty and upper middle class would commit something so terrible. Also helping Casey was the molestation allegations. It is really sad that many women have been the victim of some sort of sexual assault throughout their lives, and most come to protest. Those women who have been the victims of such abuse may support Casey and see themselves in this position. George, whether he is above suspicion or guilty, does have the police man apprehension. He can be menacing which made easier for the jury and supporters of Casey to see him as the molester.

There has been plentiful of feedback on Nancy Grace article, and how she influenced public sentiment towards Casey Anthony. Grace’s hard line approach and personality has made her a star and she has got an image like always fighting a cause. Her most recent cause was fighting for Casey Anthony and getting fair justice for the 2 year old Caylee, and her audiences were committed behind her, and although she didn’t get the confidence, but she didn’t lose from an entertainment viewpoint.

Casey Anthony, the 25 years old lady, guilty or innocent in truth, has been tried and freed by the system that common people are supposed to trust. Whether we have full faith on her innocence or not the court has announced their verdict. It’s a done deal and Casey is now free.


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