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Why Recent Unrest Raged Around Turkey

In spite of being an advanced country Turkey suffered a major political unrest in and around through the mass demonstrations and protest. The dictatorial tendencies of the Prime minister has resulted this out pour and deep frustrations among the civilians.

It however began with the evacuation in a small park at Takshim square. In spite of having their advanced democratic culture the Turks suffered immense criticism, judicial crisis and manipulation and they formed a group to show this political unrest that’s is brewing around every corners of Turkey revolution.

The mass protestations against the prime minister for his whimsical attitude has created a deep frustration and burning agony among the civilians. He is carrying out the orders at his will without any planning or meetings with the opposition leaders. He is imposing his own preferential treatments in the democratic country and that’s a dishonor and disgrace for the entire population of Turkey. The rising arrest and imprisoning the media and bureaucracy creating a bar on the freedom of speech has also added fuel to fire. Moreover, his desire to build a mosque without any prior notice and uprooting the park for etc. is just like the dictatorial regime and these has out poured violently in the form of warfare.

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