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Strauss Kahn Case Becoming Lighter, Reported New York Times

The case of sexual assault against former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss Kahn seemed to be becoming lighter. Various questions have raised doubt about the credibility of the alleged victim regarding the complaint.

The 32 year old accuser of Strauss Kahn has been lying repeatedly and prosecutors have seriously started suspecting her credibility. As reported in the New York Times, forensic tests have found enough evidence of a sexual intercourse.

Lawyers of Strauss Khan met the prosecutors on Thursday to discuss about the dismissing of the sexual assault charges against the French politician. As per the complaint, Strauss Kahn met the complainant, a Guinea born housekeeper on May 14 at the Hotel Sofitel located in Manhattan. While reporting the case, New York Times stated that it is almost on the verge of collapse.

While mentioning an unnamed person who is associated with the case, New York Times has stated that bail of Strauss Kahn may get reduced to a great extent on Friday’s hearing due to the decrease in credibility of the accuser. The statements made by the accuser are found to be contradictory and hence the case is losing ground and going in favor of Strauss Kahn. The background of the woman is causing some problems and reducing her credibility as a witness stand. When approached by the reporter of, the office of the Manhattan district attorney’s office refused to make any comment.

If the case really looses its merit and gets dismissed, it will be really be an astonishing turnaround for the 62 years old French politician, who is the star attraction of the French Socialist Party and is expected to challenge the present French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the upcoming elections which are expected to be held in the month of May. Opinion polls are suggesting that Strauss Kahn is all set for a victory in the ensuing polls.

The accuser woman has told the police that Strauss Kahn almost chased her to his $3000 night suit and forcibly tried to open her panties and tried to perform oral sex. Fighting with the IMF chief, she was able to broke free and ran away. Police arrested the accused and Strauss Kahn resigned immediately from the post of IMF chief.

Strauss Kahn has been placed under armed guard in a townhouse situated in Manhattan and that too, was allowed after getting a bail by paying $6 million in cash and bond. His wife Anne Sinclair has said from the very beginning she does not believe in the allegations and will stand by him under all circumstances as she felt that the accusations were totally false from day one. She is a wealthy heiress and a well known star of French Television. After reading the report from the New York Times, people are describing it as a real “dramatic turn”.


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