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A Template Engine With A Difference

mTemplate is a PHP template engine which is very easy to use and it can allow the separation of HTML code from the PHP code. At the end, you will get a cleaner code which is very convenient to maintain and also to read.There is a built in caching mechanism which helps to control the output of PHP scripts and applications. It helps a lot to lower the stress on the web server and as a result, the web pages are expected to load faster. So, if you are a website developer, you can make websites which will load faster and hence your clients will be very happy.

In this PHP template engine, one will get the facility of subdividing the template files into sections and it will allow the complex operations to be executed quite easily. One can clearly see the advantages when compared with other template engines.

The biggest advantage of mTemplate is that it is smaller in size and hence takes a very lesser place. Secondly, the users of this template very often say that it is easy to install and also to configure. The sections can be used to subdivide the templates into smaller chunks and it helps to keep the conditional statements and loops in the PHP code.



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