Linda Hogan On Her Sex Tape Leakage

Linda Hogan took the initiative to speak out about her former husband Hulk Hogan, on the very recent leakage of the sex tape. She mentioned very clearly that there is lot many holes inside the story which his ex husband is narrating to the whole world.

The situation was pretty embarrassing to both Linda Hogan and her family. She mentioned in her statement that it was actually a disastrous activity from Hulk Hogan end. The kids of her are highly affected with this leakage of sex tape. The children are in an embarrassing situation as they also love their father a lot. Linda said that she differs on many parts of the story described by Hulk Hogan.

She put stress on the very fact that she is very sure that there was no sex tape which starred both her and Hulk in it. We all will meet Linda Hogan on TLC’s debut episode of “Brides of Beverly Hills.” from 2nd of Nov, 2012.


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