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Is It Too Late for Sarah Palin To Enter The Race?

Is Sarah Palin too late to join the US Presidential race for 2012? At least reports obtained from the Republican quarters seemed to be so. Though Palin is one such candidate to whom the traditional candidacy rules will not apply, still information obtained seemed to show that the Republican Presidential race may have been settled to a contest between the Governor Rick Perry and ex Governor Mitt Romney.

Republican Malek said that the field is already set and their nominee for the next US President will be an ex Governor and they are very happy to know this fact. Malek feels that it will be a wrong move on part of Palin to run for the post and compete. Praising Palin, he said that she can motivate a lot of people and anybody who runs for the race will need her support to come out victorious. He said, “I think it would be really, personally, not a good move for her. She’s doing a very, very good job on the circuit. She’s making money for her family, she’s having influence on people nationwide, she’s having influence on the race. I think anybody who gets the nomination is going to want to have her support because she energizes a lot of people.”

Malek is an active fundraiser of the Republican Governor’s Association and he said that he is very happy that Rick Perry has entered the race. He personally believes that Romney and Perry will continue to remain as the main contenders in the race. The stage is already been set and even if Palin enters now, it will be a bit late for her right now.

Perry has to learn certain things to influence the voters. He must explain how he will made changes to the Social Security plans.




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