Kolaveri Di Singer Says It Was An Effortless Success

The Tamil song Kolaveri Di is sweeping the nation, in spite of being sung in a regional language. The song has been sung by Dhanush, son-in-law of the Southern superstar Rajnikanth. The song has been such a success all over the world that it has been clicked 28,900,435 times on YouTube. With half baked English lyrics and simple music, the entire nation is dancing with the tunes of Kolaveri Di.

The song already has got several online versions which include Punjabi and French. In fact, it was the first song which was aired on CNN in the USA.

Reporters of news365today.com got a chance to meet the singer Dhanush and his wife Aisharya, daughter of Rajnikanth. While speaking on Kolaveri Di, Dhanush said that the entire concept of the song was unplanned and they never thought that it is going to get such a huge all India success. When the CD of Kolaveri Di was released in the market, there were no lyrics of the song available on paper.

Speaking on the subject of Kolaveri Di, Dhanush said that the song has chosen them, but they did not choose the song. It was nice to see that a regional song is being sung by the people in Pakistan and Australia and the song has really crossed the boundaries.

Aisharya said that she was something light and that exactly matched with the mood of the song. The noted lyricist Javed Akhtar has said that the song is nothing but nonsense. Commenting on that, Dhanush said that he agreed with him that the song is really a very silly one. His primary aim was to entertain the regional Tamil people, but he never imagined that the entire nation will dance to the tune of Kolaveri Di.

He also said that they never sat for the song for hours and everything was done and completed on the floor. He sang whatever he was asked to do without thinking much and at that time, little did he realized that it will make him a singer of national fame.


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